Dongola-Argeen Highway
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 07:18

The trial operation of Dongola-Argeen Highway took place on 29 September 2016, by the Minister of Roads and Bridges Eng. Mekkawy Mohamed Awad, the governor of the Northern State Engineer Mohammad Awad Mousa, and a delegation from the Egyptian side and the leaders of the federal government and the Northern State.

The project aims to connect the vertical axis between Alexandria (city north of Egypt) and the City of Cape Town, South Africa, through the countries of COMESA groups across distance from Argeen on the Egyptian-Sudanese border and the city of Dongola, capital of the Northern State of Sudan. The highway is 365 kilometers between Argeen and Dongola length, along with 70 kilometers Side connections to link the route to the course of the River Nile.

The new route is aimed at developing a number of vital projects associated with that will enhance the financial return and help the movement and growth of urbanization as well as the establishment of other joint projects on both sides of the road from the Egyptian-Sudanese border into Dongola.


As the road works to develop a number of agricultural, service and tourism projects worth an estimated $ 150 million cost includes the implementation of the road and services necessary, in addition to the $ 350 million first projects associated phase and provides nearly two million jobs for the people of Egypt and Sudan, as well as the cultivation of 1.8 million area acre.